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Harshad Maloo


talented accounts, finance and taxation practitioner, Harshad is passionate to put his analytical mind to work, deriving insights that enable a client’s long-term health and financial stability. A go-to person for any client, Harshad is a problem-solver and understands the intricacies of matters and helps clients focus on their business while shouldering the entire accounts, finance, and taxation functions.

Harshad is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a rich experience of serving various industries and government companies for more than 6 years. Harshad seeks to understand the client’s perspective and ensure excellent services and possesses command over most areas of updates and latest developments in the finance, budgeting, bookkeeping and startups field. Harshad’s expertise and attention to details in every things have proven invaluable to our global clients across the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Apart from being a Chartered Accountant and a commerce post graduate, he also holds a degree in Diploma in System Audit (DISA).

Harshad specialises in crafting investor pitch decks to attract funding and excels in financial modeling for strategic decision-making.

He leverages document sharing platforms like ShareFile, Dropbox, and Google Drive to ensure seamless collaboration and secure file management.

Harshad’s expertise optimizes business processes and supports efficient workflows for enhanced productivity.